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Our eye for detail sets lawyers apart from many other occupations. This eye for detail often determines whether a case is successful or a failure. Appropriately, our firm, The Law Firm of Richard M. Lewis, is located in a building that stands as a testament to detail. Built in 1895 by an optometrist/jeweler, the detailed stained glass building serves as a showcase for our firm’s approach to the practice of law.

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Like our building, The Law Firm of Richard M. Lewis stands as a testament to detail. Our firm’s lawyers advise, among others, entire pools of clients in class actions and single-party clients in medical malpractice actions. We also administer the estates of single individuals. No matter the size of the case, we approach it with the same eye for detail. Our clients have entrusted to us their well-being and their future. They deserve no less.
Our close relationship with our clients comes from the fact that we build all of our cases collaboratively with our clients. In doing so, we keep you up to date and currently informed as to the status of your case. Without your help, we cannot build a successful case.
The success of our approach is evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of our new clients come as a result of referrals from satisfied past clients. To have established a reputation that others can rely on fills our entire firm with great pride. We look forward to showing you why we have that reputation and how it can help you succeed in achieving your legal goals.

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